Raw Bee Pollen 

The richest food known to humans, the only one on earth that contains the 20 amino acids from which the proteins of life are built, and indispensable for the survival of the hive. Without pollen, no proteins; without proteins, no wax; without wax, no hive! Young and worker bees alike need energy, provided by nectar, and proteins, vitamins, lipids, and other nutrients, which they find in pollen. 


The pollen that bees collect and enrich with enzymes is “entomophilous” pollen (transported and transformed by bees). It is distinctly different from allergy-causing pollen emitted by grasses and trees, which is transported on the wind. Rare allergic reactions to bee pollen have been reported after oral consumption of pollen. 

photo fleurs pollen


Pollen is a fine powder produced by flowers. It is the male fertilizing element of the flower and an essential source of proteins, vitamins... for the bee. When bees return to the hive with pollen, it is clearly visible as multicolored pellets attached to their legs. The pollen of different flowers or trees have slightly different looks, tastes, and compositions. The choice of pollen that bees forage on is mainly dependent on the needs of the colony and the choices offered by the environment. Chestnut trees produce green pollen, rockrose pollen is bright orange, poppy gives it in deep black shades...  Identifying pollen type needs to be performed under a microscope however, as many plants can produce similar colors. Climatic conditions and the age of the flower visited can also modify the color of the pollen. Polyfloral Pollen is composed of a variety of pollen types, and it shows in its harlequin mixture. 

photo de récolte pollen abeilles


We harvest our pollen, like all of our bee products, with great consciousness and consideration for bees thanks to our strict GENTLE Beekeeping® criteria. 

Key points

  • The low impact pollen traps used allow bees to freely pass through, not completely blocking the entrance like traditional ones. Bees are not at risk of having wings or legs torn by this trap. 
  • Certified Paleo: Ballot-Flurin pollen is guaranteed raw and unmodified. The Paleo certification also controls and guarantees that it does not contain cultivated grains, dairy products, colorants, preservatives, sweeteners, artificial flavors, or taste enhancers. 
  • Very little manipulation: no freezing, nitrogen, or separation of grains.
  •  A natural preservation process at room temperature thanks to the patented Hydroplus System, which preserves its nutrients and energetic vitality. 
  • And dynamized by bees at every step! 
photo ruche trappe libre arbitre


Out of love and consideration for bees 
Our "Hydroplus®" patented pollen preserving process involves ventilating it between 30 and 35 °C, the temperature of the hive, as the bees do. It retains a soft, natural texture this way. High temperatures not only give bee pollen an unpleasant texture, it also degrades its nutrients. The pollen collection drawer is located in the hive, naturally ventilated by the bees. The harvested pollen has a moisture content between 4 and 10%. It can be put in jars without being manipulated and dried, preserving its nutritional values for up to one year. 


Different bees from the same hive forage different species of flowers. The flowers that bees choose mainly depends on the needs of the colony and, of course, the choices offered by the environment. 


The selection of monofloral pollens comes from what nature offers bees at a particular place and time. Collected during specific and precise flowering periods ensures a high percentage of pollen from a single plant.