Apithermal Cures

The first apithermal line in the world!

Discover our Apithermal line, a unique blend of the power of the hive with the exceptional thermal waters of the Pyrenean village of Cauterets. We have created 2 artisanal preparations, crafted at our Bee Factory in the French Pyrenees.

The Fresh Legs Thermal Gel and the Thermal Joint Cream provide you with freshness, soothing, lightness, and a relaxing effect. Cosmos Organic certified, these ultra-natural skincare creams are rich in Pyrenean thermal water, known for its use in rheumatology.

World's first Apithermal Cures

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Crème thermale Articulaire Ballot-Flurin - 1


A generous, premium care preparation that rapidly and naturally soothes, softens, and relaxes your joints, muscles, and tendons. Gives you better freedom of...

Gel thermal Jambes fraîches Ballot-Flurin - 1


This gel provides a feeling of immediate freshness. Ideal for end of the day use, after a long time spent on your feet, prolonged effort, or hot spells.