Sustainable Living 

At Ballot-Flurin, we manufacture preparations in-house that heal and nourish the body and mind. We work with our hands and promote simple, practical, economical, low-tech methods and techniques. This concept stands in contrast to high-tech, synthetic production. While some methods, like manual mixing or fermentation, may rely on traditional technical solutions, our approach embraces social connections and solidarity.

Preparations for a sustainable life

What allows us to survive and transcend crises lies within ourselves, in our hearts, minds, and hands. Your talent, your desire and your will enables you to live in and create for your community.

zero dechet compost

Making preparations with the respect for the planet

Ecological commitment at Ballot-Flurin is at the heart of our work, militantly pursued for the past 45 years. We have always ensured that our preparations are produced in an environmentally friendly way, through local manufacturing and short supply chains. 

  • Our ingredients are regionally produced, and the preparations are made on-site in the countryside, with direct connection to nature. 
  • The principle is simple: no long distances traveled, no pollution! By significantly reducing intermediary suppliers, we also support a more equitable network for beekeepers and minimize waste generated by conventional distribution channels. 
  • We also prioritize fresh and seasonal bee products. In doing so, we are committed to promoting biodiversity and maintaining bee populations in the region. 
beefactory maubourget

An eco-manufacturing site based on the principle of an eco-system

Designed as a hive from which energy emanates, the Bee Factory is a living space encompassing a house, with kitchen, garden, living room, and patio at the disposition of all employees. Everything is made with truly ecological materials: earth and stones comprise our white-washed walls, our floors in ethically sourced wood and metal. 

  • The plants in our gardens are cultivated by our plant expert Danielle, with a particular reliance on biodynamic permaculture. We carefully hand-pick the bounty of our gardens, such as plantain, blackberry, and mint. 
  • The manufacturing and stock areas are protected against electromagnetic pollution. Every effort is made to preserve the dynamic energies of our ingredients and preparations. Here, there is no Wi-Fi or other electromagnetic disturbance. 
  • We use wood heating to reduce electrical consumption. We have solar panels installed at our sites, and we minimize waste across all our sites. All company vehicles are fully electric or hybrids. 
  • We use naturally sourced spring water on-site, which has been used since Celtic times