We support the freedom of the honey bee and other pollinators

Together, let's rebuild a bee-friendly world.

We are
  • Beekeepers
  • Cultivators
  • Energizers
  • For the free bee


Towards an optimal future that promotes flourishing health of both bees and humans.

  • 1970
    Catherine Flurin, a young beekeeper, founds Ballot-Flurin and develops her first practices of GENTLE Beekeeping®. 
  • 1980
    Catherine Flurin, Based on her research, Catherine writes the first specifications for organic beekeeping, which officially emerged in 1986.
  • 1990
    Catherine develops her first holistic apitherapy preparation.
  • 2010
    Development of Bee Yoga® and the solidarity-based GENTLE Beekeeping® network.
  • 2016
    The Bee Factory, located in the picturesque Hautes-Pyrénées region, pioneers its concept of an eco-manufacturing center as a multifunctional living space.
  • 2019
    Creation of the International Institute for the Bee, to promote pollinator freedom.


Revolutionary beekeeping for enlightened beings. 

GENTLE Beekeeping® is a beekeeping method that has been developed through 40 years of research and practice. This method was born out of a desire to better understand the honey bee, our relationship with them, and the implications of our interactions. Although we are certified Organic Agriculture and Demeter Biodynamic, we have established our own criteria that go beyond current organic standards. We consider bees as a true community, with their own understanding of science and of the world. With this principle in mind, beekeeping can transcend exploitation and fully integrate the needs of life in all its forms. 

Bee Yoga, the foundation of GENTLE Beekeeping 

Bee Yoga is both the foundation and the complete realization of GENTLE Beekeeping principles. It is an exercise that, at its core, promotes awareness and communication with bees. The purpose is to help overcome natural fears we have towards these tiny and intuitive creatures, and more broadly, the most mistreated type of animals on the planet: insects. By applying calming and yogic meditation techniques to our presence around beehives, we become more connected to them and, consequently, more connected to the existence of the natural world.

We are experts in apitherapy

Medical treatments using bee products have been practiced since ancient times all over the world. If we examine different traditional medicines from China, India, ancient Rome, or the Americas, we can see both the historical and modern roles of what we now call apitherapy. The remarkable science of the bees and their innate capacity to search for healing substances in their surroundings serves as an inspiring model for human health. Their skills in the therapeutic field have been confirmed through thousands of years of continuous use, both in modern hospitals and traditional communities. For over 40 years, we have devoted ourselves to creating wholesome preparations that preserve the benefits and virtues of bee products, in order to continue offering their natural wisdom to those in need.

We handcraft in the Pyrénées

At Ballot-Flurin, no machine compares to the human hand. Working manually is an ethical choice for us. Artisanal craftsmanship preserves the natural effectiveness of our bee products. This way of working is also an ecological commitment: our eco-manufacturing center is energy-efficient and prioritizes low-tech techniques. Catherine Flurin, coming from 8 generations of expert practitioners in natural health, has always recognized the importance of emphasizing and magnifying the noble virtues of bee products. At every stage of production, we integrate our GENTLE Beekeeping practices to create wholesome preparations respectful of Bees and Humans.

We are manufacturers and dynamizers

Biodynamic energizing is a holistic principle that allows for the transmission, amplification, and preservation of subtle natural forces. This process affects a substance’s taste, smell, preservation, tolerance, and effectiveness. It also benefits the health and safety of the beekeeper. At every stage, we strive to respect the initial living structure of bee products and enhance them. The finished preparations are stored near active bee hives before being put up for sale to surround them with these vital and energetic forces. We meticulously consider the vital force and distinctive energy profile of every bee product. Energizing preserves these essential harmonies by harvesting according to the fundamental rhythms of nature and practicing manual stirring, long macerations, or high dilutions. This exceptional ancient wisdom amplifies the effectiveness of your preparation..

We grow and harvest our own plants

The gardens at Ballot-Flurin embody a harmonious integration of beekeeping and plant production, emphasizing and actively fostering the preservation of diverse flora. The arrangement of these gardens aligns with the company's overarching philosophy, seeking to cultivate synergy among the various components of the ecosystem.