Apitherapy, or the art of healing with bees 

Historically, every bee product (propolis, honey, royal jelly, and pollen) has been found in traditional medicine around the world. What we now call Apitherapy was practiced before the modern era by the Egyptians, Incas, Chinese, Greeks, and Romans for thousands of years. The importance and truth of apitherapy is emphasized by its widespread use and longevity. Thanks to this, it continues to be a relevant discipline in modern times. 

Did you know ?

Since antiquity, humans have lived close to bees, who made their hives amongst trees, stones, gardens, and houses surrounding us. In the recent past, each rural family kept hives, as is still the case in different areas around the world from Poland to Mexico.

The secrets of apitherapy

Do not be fooled by the apparent simplicity of bee products. Whether it's propolis, honey, or royal jelly, bee products possess unique and complex alchemical composition, made from a multitude of ingredients directly sourced from nature. For example, propolis consists on average of nearly 300 constituents, including resins and balms, essential oils, trace elements, vitamins, polyphenols, and aromatic compounds, all coming from botanical sources. Unlike synthetic products, a bee product’s chemical composition is constantly changed based on the environment: no two propolis samples are perfectly identical. Despite this variance, propolis provides consistent health benefits in a way that surpasses scientific understanding. Apitherapy is at the same time simple and complex, comprehensible and impenetrable. But it holds secrets and energies that sustain the health of the world. 

100% Natural health preparations

  • All our bee products adhere to rigorous internal criteria. Intended for therapeutic, beauty, and well-being purposes, our bee products are guaranteed 100% organic. We produce and transform them based on both Organic Agriculture (AB) certification and Gentle Beekeeping¬ģ practices. Through extensive laboratory analysis, we ensure that the harvested materials contain no pesticides (zero tolerance) or pathogenic microorganisms according to European (section 2.6.13) and harmonized American (section 62) pharmacopeias.¬†
  • We prioritize local and Euro-regional bee products and plant ingredients sourced from the natural environments. This guarantees maximum traceability (from flower to product, certified by a bailiff) and maximum bioavailability.¬†
  • Our exclusive manufacturing processes, based on long macerations and manual blending, preserve the richness of bioactive compounds, a living structure, and excellent vibrational field, guaranteeing the quality of our preparations.¬†
  • Our expertise is recognized by the international community. Our own advancements in Gentle Beekeeping¬ģ, and energetic dynamization are regularly cited and have official patents.

Health preparations with propolis

Propolis in all its forms caters to your daily needs. It is available in extracts, ampoules, balms, and ointments. 

Health preparations with royal jelly

Our royal jelly is 100% French, organic, and dynamized. You can consume it raw or in our other preparations, as well in topical treatments  

Health preparations with pollen

Whether you prefer it raw straight from the hive or in ampoules, pollen is a true ally for immunity. It improves energy and vitality and helps in case of fatigue. 

Health preparations with wild honey

Honey has always been recognized for its virtues. Whether for healing or eating, it is an essential part of natural remedies.