Royal Jelly for Your Health

Discover all our preparations with dynamic organic french royal jelly

Secreted by nurse bees, royal jelly is a food reserved for the queen and young larvae. As a result, the queen lives thirty times longer than worker bees. Royal jelly is one of the richest substances that can be found in nature. Regenerate and preserve the overall immunity of your body through the profound action of our pure and fresh French Royal Jelly.

Royal jelly for your health - Organic and French

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Suitable for children over 36 months

Suitable for children over 36 months



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Suitable for pregnant women

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Préparation dynamisée bio 4 Forces de la Ruche Ballot-Flurin - 3


New formula enriched with pollen : Energetically dynamized organic preparation with honey, pollen, propolis & royal jelly to improve your vitality and energy.

Préparation dynamisée à la Gelée Royale Française Bio Ballot-Flurin - 3


Organic, dynamized French royal jelly in ampules, with a great honey taste.

  • Box of 10 ampules
  • Organic dynamized French royal jelly and honey...
Préparation dynamisée bio Relaxation Optimale Ballot-Flurin - 2


Mental and physical wellness preparation in ampules, with eschscholzia, lemon balm*, saffron, royal jelly and honey.

  • *Promotes relaxation
  • 10...