Propolis brut


This resinous substance is collected from the buds of different trees by the bees, to create the protective medicine needed for the hive to thrive.  When bees cannot find in their natural environment their preferred botanical sources, they use tar, varnish, and mineral oils found in human constructions. GENTLE® Beekeeping methods guarantee exceptional, fresh propolis harvested without plastics, exposure to chemicals, or overprocessing that can damage its effectiveness. Our methods ensure a clean and pure propolis, avoiding any impurities. Its harvest has minimal impact on the hive. Our propolis is systematically analyzed for freshness, contamination, and chemical residues.

Did you know ?

In Greek, the word propolis means "in front of the city" and it lives up to the protective imagery of its name. Bees coat areas of the hive with propolis to cleanse it and protect it from threats big and small. Propolis is a powerful hygienic defense against microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, molds) and their growth inside the hive. Propolis also helps to keep hives stable against physical shocks. All of its qualities strengthen the hive and make it resistant to harmful environmental influences.

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Black propolis

Alcoholic extract

Alcoholic extract, or Black extract, of propolis is the most active one we offer, obtained through maceration in organic brandy. This process extracts its most potent substances, making it a powerful multifunctional care product, highly concentrated, for close protection of your body. It is a quick fix for minor winter ailments and skin imperfections.

White propolis

Aqueous extract

Aqueous extract, or White extract, of propolis is obtained through maceration in spring water. This gentle extraction method, exclusive to our company, is a patented process. The main advantages of white propolis are its versatility as it is completely alcohol-free, making it ideal for children, adults who do not consume alcohol, or those with other sensitivities.

Harvesting propolis

Propolis often accumulates between frames or on hive walls. This propolis is the active immune system of the hive, and may be laden with impurities. Often plastic grills are used by beekeepers to harvest propolis, which protects from exterior pollutants but risks contamination from the plastic itself. With GENTLE beekeeping methods, fresh propolis is harvested using a non-contaminating device strategically placed to encourage propolis wrapping, with low wax content for the purest propolis resin, and without negative impact for the bees. 

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Organic, fair trade, local, and short supply chain

Our propolis is 100% organic and is the fruit of the solidarity and commitment of our GENTLE® Beekeeping network composed of 150 small beekeepers and our own apiaries.

It is sourced from various local ecosystems, located within 800 km of our honey workshop in the French Pyrenees, in wild or eco-preserved areas extending between France and Spain. Its biocompatibility is also greater as it originates from naturally diverse sources, allowing for more variety in its active components. At our Bee Factory, all propolis is received in its original resinous state, displaying hues that vary from reddish-brown to dark brown.


Our propolis is called Premium because out of 1 kg of harvested bee product, only 300 g are selected for apitherapeutic use. It is this highest-quality propolis, and only this, that goes into the composition of our preparations. Our dedication to quality allows us to avoid overprocessing the propolis, like freeze or spray drying. 

Pure and ultra-clean: the presence of impurities is often the weak point of conventional propolis. The exclusive non-plastic frame cover allows for harvesting fresh, non-waxy propolis, guaranteed free from foreign objects and pollutants.

Dynamic propolis

Respecting environmental influences and energies, we take into account the location, season, time of harvest, and even the specific location of the propolis in the hive. Our preparations undergo manual dynamization.


Harvested according to our GENTLE® Beekeeping methods, Ballot-Flurin’s propolis is among the most active and purest in the world. Its qualities, recognized and validated by numerous studies, are the result of a set of eco-beekeeping practices that elevate traditional organic standards.


An analysis conducted by the University of Angers in 2013 demonstrated that our propolis is one of the most active in the world. It is up to 5 times more antioxidant than the reference plant extracts, thanks to its very high polyphenol content. (2)