Dynamized French Royal Jelly in a Jar

The first "No kill" royal jelly

100% French, our organic Royal Jelly is harvested in France and lovingly packaged in the Pyrenees. Obtained without harming the queen bee and respecting the bees, which are nourished on flowers from biodiverse organic and wild areas, all while respecting their natural rhythms. Without any non-organic food or chemical treatments. It is clean, with no foreign particules, no extraneous smells or tastes, no bee larvae, and no mold.

Energized organic French royal jelly in jar

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Gelée Royale Française Bio Dynamisée Ballot-Flurin - 1

€47.30 -20% €37.84

Our organic dynamized Royal Jelly is 100% French, harvested without harming the queen and respecting the bees! 

  • Verified vitality
  • Pure organic bee...
  • -20%