Eye Care

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The skin around the eyes is thinner than the facial skin, making it more delicate. We tend to overlook it in our beauty routines and provide it with less protection than other areas of our face. The Beekeeper has designed beauty treatments inspired by bees for you, to care for the entirety of your face.

Eye Care

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Suitable for children over 36 months

Suitable for children over 36 months

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Dermo Spray Paupières Ballot-Flurin - 1


Organic spray of white extract of propolis, to soothe tired eyelids. 

  • Reduces puffiness
  • Hydrates & refreshes 
  • ...
Queen’s Eyes Contour Cream


This contour cream is designed to reduce wrinkles and puffiness. Enriched with high quality bee products, it gently stimulates and smoothens the delicate skin around the eyes...