Fresh Pollen Pellets

The superfood of the hive

One of the most nutritionally rich foods, the only one on earth containing all 20 amino acids from which life's proteins are built, and essential for the survival of the hive.

• Certified Paleo: Ballot-Flurin pollen is guaranteed raw and untouched. The Paleo certification also ensures it doesn't contain cultivated grains, dairy, artificial colors, preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, or enhancers. • Minimally processed: no freezing, nitrogen, or sorting of pollen grains. • Natural room temperature preservation using the patented Hydroplus System that preserves its nutrients and energetic vitality. • And infused with the energy of the bees!

Fresh Pollen Pellets

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Pollen de Châtaignier français Ballot-Flurin - 2


Le pollen de châtaignier pour une forme et une vitalité au naturel.

  • Immunité, Vitalité & Résistance
  • Pollen 100% français
  • Récolte rare...
Pollen de Ciste Blanc bio dynamisé Ballot-Flurin - 1


Le pollen de ciste blanc aide à soutenir la vitalité et la résistance du corps, améliore l'énergie et le tonus en cas de fatigue.

  • État mental &...