Honey Infusions

Authentic honey infusions from our mountains

Discover our delightful health & pleasure honey infusions, handcrafted and packaged at our Bee Factory in the French Pyrenees. They combine local organic honey and plants. Treat yourself to one of our three infusions:

  • Oh, je digère,with acacia honey, polyfloral pollen, and peppermint for gentle digestion
  • Brrr ! with forest honey, black propolis, and cajeput essential oil for deep warming
  • Dormiiir, with linden honey, propolis tincture, and lemon balm to aid sleep
Grogs santé-plaisir - Association de miels bio et de plantes locales

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Grog Brrr ! Ballot-Flurin - 2


A warming infusion with forest honey, black extract of propolis, and cajeput oil.

  • Honey-based drink, to be diluted!
  • Protect...
Grog sommeil "Dormiiir !" Ballot-Flurin - 2


This infusion is made with linden tree honey and mother tincture of lemon balm*.

  • Concentrated honey infusion, to be diluted
  • *Helps with...
Grog Oh, je digère Ballot-Flurin - 2


A honey infusion to help with digestion, made with acacia honey, pollen, and peppermint.

  • Helps support healthy digestion
  • Has a positive...