Family Pack of Organic...
Family Pack of Organic French Royal Jelly
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Family Pack of Organic French Royal Jelly

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Discover our exclusive offer to reinforce the well-being of the whole family, thanks to organic French royal jelly.

  • 3 jars for the price of 2
  • 100% French
  • Harvested according to Gentle Beekeeping

An exceptional quality

  • Origin : Carefully harvested in the heart of preserved French terroirs, our royal jelly is the result of gentle and respectful beekeeping, ensuring superior quality and total respect for the bees.
  • Quality : Organic, dynamized, never frozen or pasteurized, and in its natural form, our royal jelly retains its full beneficial properties.
  • Certifications : Organic certified, harvested according to our GENTLE Beekeeping® method and put in jars with strict regulations to conserve its purity and vital force.

To guarantee a superior French royal jelly, always take into consideration a few key aspects

  • Freshness : opt for the freshest products, avoiding those that undergo a freezing process for long transport from the apiaries.
  • Transformation : use royal jelly in its natural form, avoiding freeze dried bee products is a good general rule.
  • Taste : a high quality royal jelly should taste slightly like honey, with a little acidity and sugar. If the taste is flat or very spicy, you should not consume it.

How to use

  • Take 400mg each morning on an empty stomach (doser included).
  • Let it melt under your tongue while relaxing, for an optimal organic-energetic effect.
  • Wait 15mins before taking again.
Concentrated product, for prudent use. To conserve in the refridgerator between + 5°C (41°F) and + 8°C (46°F), before and after opening

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