Kit complet Rentrée réussies  - 1
Fall Renewal Kit
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Kit complet Rentrée réussies  - 1
  • Kit complet Rentrée réussies  - 1
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Fall Renewal Kit



A complete kit to help renew your energy, vitality, and strength for the fall season. From a better sleep to better nutrition, our preparations will help keep you at your best. 

  • Optimal Relaxation Ampules 
  • Dynamized French Royal Jelly
  • 4 Hive Forces Ampules

A serene return to work and school

Summer is over, and life is unfortunately returning to normal, with all of the immune and mental stress that comes with it... equipped with these boosts direct from the hive, you can give yourself a chance to restart real life on the right foot!

Advice for a healthy lifestyle

  • Adopt a balanced diet full of quality foods. The B vitamin group and omega-3 fatty acids are particularly important to help with cognitive function.
  • Avoid stimulants (coffee, caffienated teas, energy drinks) which, while effective in the short term, can create a rebound effect leading to intense fatigue and dehydration.
  • Make it a point to exercise daily. This practice not only provides you with an opportunity to release and recharge but also supplies your brain with the oxygen it needs to function effectively..
  • Choose (within moderation) good sugars, or sugars with a low glycemic index (acacia honey, chestnut honey, raw sugar...) which are required by the brain.
  • For those who have trouble falling asleep: don't bring your phones or other screens to bed!

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What's in the Kit?

Optimal Relaxation Ampules

The dynamized Optimal Relaxation Ampules, made with poppy, lemon balm, saffron, and French royal jelly, promote relaxation and contribute to normal sleep. Thanks to their synergy, derived from local plants and the best of the hive, they help calmly manage stress induced by a changing lifestyle and aid in maintaining a normal and balanced mood.

Dynamized French Royal Jelly

To endure and sustain over the long term, you can rely on the support of our energized French royal jelly! Not frozen, freeze-dried, or processed, it is manually filtered through a simple fine mesh. Hand-packaged in the Hautes-Pyrénées, it retains all its vitality for an effective support treatment!

4 Hive Forces Ampules

Extend beneficial effects with our 4 Hive Powers energized vials as a follow-up. A symbiosis of pollen, honey, propolis, and royal jelly (all harvested with GENTLE Beekeeping methods), and rosehip puree, they ensure an improvement in energy and vitality and help support the body's resilience!


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